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    Li Xiaopeng is 45 years old this year, Hao Wei is 44 years old at the end of the year, and Li Tie is 43 years old. Many Chinese coaches born in the 70s say that they are not capable, but they have already proven themselves to a large extent. Only with the platform and opportunity to display can you go one step further. The three mentioned above, including many local coaches born in the 70s, often work late to study new things abroad, and learn the coaching methods of Asian and European coaches. In the end, Chinese football still has to rely on the Chinese to solve the problem. The European and Japanese buddies have told me many times that the living environment of domestic coaches has improved, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. You can ask them, There is no need to spray them, after all, most of the hard work and work of others are invisible to the fans. Looking at the whole process of Li Xiaopeng leading the team this year, it is really not easy. In fact, there have always been teams in the championship team eager for him. The industry admires Li Xiaopeng's management and coaching level.

    李小鹏今年45岁,郝薇今年年底44岁,李铁43岁。许多70年代出生的中国教练说他们没有能力,但是他们已经在很大程度上证明了自己。 只有有了平台和展示的机会,您才能进一步前进。上面提到的三个人,包括许多70年代出生的本地BOB官方网站教练,经常工作到很晚才去国外学习新事物,并学习亚洲和欧洲教练的教练方法。 最终,中国足球仍然必须依靠中BOB官方网站国人来解决问题。欧BOB官方网站洲和日本的好伙伴多次告诉我,国内教练的生活环境已有所改善,但仍有很大的改进空间。您可以问他们,没有必要喷洒它们,毕竟,大多BOB官方网站数辛勤工作和其他人的工作对粉丝来说是看不见的。 纵观李小鹏今年领导团队的全过程,确实不容易。事实上,总有一支冠军队渴望着他。业界钦佩李小鹏的管理和教练水平。

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